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top 10 animals and insects to look out for in spring in the UK

Spring is a time of rejuvenation and growth in the UK, and this is evident in the wildlife that begins to stir after the long, cold winter months. From majestic birds to fascinating insects, the UK’s spring season is a real treat for nature enthusiasts. Here are the top 10 animals, plants and insects to look out for this spring.

  1. Swans – These majestic birds can be seen in large numbers around the UK in spring, where they come to nest and raise their young.
  1. Butterflies – Spring is the perfect time to see some of the UK’s most beautiful butterflies, including the Peacock, Orange-Tip, and Brimstone.
  1. Bumblebees – These important pollinators can be seen buzzing around flowers and gardens, helping to bring new life to the UK’s flora.
  1. Bluebells – These iconic flowers can be found in large numbers in woodlands across the UK in spring, providing a beautiful backdrop for wildlife.
  1. Rabbits – These playful and curious creatures are a common sight in parks and gardens, where they can often be seen hopping around and munching on plants.
  1. Hedgehogs – Spring is the perfect time to spot hedgehogs, who come out of hibernation to forage for food and mate.
  1. Badgers – These nocturnal animals can be seen foraging for food in the early evenings, providing a unique opportunity to see one of the UK’s most iconic mammals.
  1. Foxes – These clever animals are a common sight in towns and cities, where they can often be seen scavenging for food or playing in the streets.
  1. Dragonflies – These fascinating insects can be seen flitting around ponds and waterways, where they lay their eggs and hunt for food.
  1. Warblers – These small and colourful birds can be heard singing in trees and bushes in spring, filling the air with their sweet melodies.

Spring is a magical time of year in the UK, and these are just a few of the amazing animals and insects that can be seen and enjoyed during this special season. So get out and enjoy the wildlife this spring, and remember to take care and protect these beautiful creatures.

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