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Gojam Activities App Features

Gojam is packed with features to help you and your family get the most out of precious moments together. No more searching ‘things to do’ – gojam makes planning activities easy, sharing insights and recommendations with other users, so the only thing you need to do is choose where to go next!

Suggest great activities

Tell other families about great activities they can do in their free time, especially at weekends or during holidays.

Plan and Promote

Start planning events in your community and even promote them to your specific target audience.

Receive Activity Recommendations

You can get activity recommendations from other parents, where you can also rate them.

Create Polls and Gain Feedback

Set up polls and collect feedback from the gojam community on various activities.

Create a Network of Outdoor-loving Friends

Start building a network of outdoor-loving friends

Receive Exclusive Offers on Outdoor Equipment

Get exclusive offers on outdoor equipment.

Chat, Plan, Gojam!

Preparation is crucial to having the perfect day out. This is why gojam features a built-in chat application, so you can discuss and share new activities with your friends and family network. Organise where to go, where to meet up and, most importantly, who is responsible for bringing lunch

  • Plan your next trip
  • Suggest activities to your friends & family
  • Raise awareness of your events
  • Request information from other users
  • Create a network of outdoor-loving friends

Happy Kids Make
Happy Grown-ups

Happy kids also tend to be successful in their careers and enjoy better physical health and well-being, which in turn increases their chances of being happy as adults.

Tracking a Route Is Easy!!

Once you arrive at your destination, simply open the app, start your route tracker and gojam will record your entire route. You can add comments and photos from your activity before posting a recommendation for other users to follow and share!

  • Share hidden gems with other users
  • Photograph special places
  • Share tips based on your experiences
  • Benefit from true local insights
  • Record special holiday memories

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